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Ceramic Coating Process

Welcome to Finish Line Auto Spa, where we offer exceptional ceramic coating services to protect and enhance the appearance of your vehicle's exterior. Our ceramic coating process is available in three comprehensive packages - 6 Month Coating, 2 Year Coating, and 9 Year Coating - designed to meet your specific needs and deliver long-lasting results.

In our 6 Month Coating package, we begin by performing an expert exterior hand wash and dry to ensure a clean surface for optimal adhesion. We then apply a clay bar treatment to remove contaminants and imperfections from the paintwork. To further enhance the appearance, we conduct a one-step paint correction process, eliminating minor scratches and swirl marks. Finally, we apply a high-quality ceramic coating that provides a protective layer, enhancing the shine and durability of your vehicle's exterior for up to 6 months.

For those seeking an extended period of protection, our 2 Year Coating package offers an enhanced level of care. In addition to the services included in the 6 Month Coating, we introduce a graphene ceramic spray coat that utilizes advanced graphene technology. This spray coat provides superior protection against environmental elements, chemicals, and UV rays, ensuring your vehicle stays protected and looking its best for up to 2 years.

For the ultimate in long-term protection, our 9 Year Coating package is the ideal choice. Along with the services offered in the 6 Month and 2 Year Coatings, we apply a graphene ceramic coating that offers exceptional durability and defense. This coating utilizes cutting-edge graphene technology to provide a high-performance shield against weathering, chemicals, and harmful UV rays for an impressive 9 years. It's the ultimate solution for long-lasting protection and a stunning finish.

At Finish Line Auto Spa, we take pride in our attention to detail and use only premium products to ensure the highest quality results. Our skilled team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations, leaving your vehicle with an immaculate and protected exterior.

To schedule an appointment and experience the benefits of our ceramic coating services, click the book now button below or contact us at (080) 2074-7308. Trust Finish Line Auto Spa to provide your vehicle with superior protection and a lasting shine.

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